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to wear with casual clothes or traditional, they will bring a touch of refinement.
"Check your measurements with the measures that I give, sometimes these clothes fit to sizes smaller or larger depending on how you want to wear them."

 Products in this category...

Long corset in percale white embroidered hand of vines foliage. T 38/40. Old linen
25.00 €
Cute corset corset in white cotton and between two lace. T38. Old linen
20.00 €
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Adorable blouse in white percale with festoons and religious folds. Monogram SB. T44. Old linen
35.00 €
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Pretty blouse 1940 short sleeve black chemical lace in black. T40. Old linen
20.00 €
Cute blouse 1940 in fine black mesh with embossed patterns. T 38. Old linen
20.00 €
1890 Beautiful morning jacket quilted fleece embroidered white hand to Cornely. Old linen
45.00 €
Delicate camisole end combed cotton hand embroidered festoons and butterflies. Monogram J. T38. Old linen
26.00 €
Charming corset cover in white batiste scalloped rivers of days and satin handmade. T 36. Nine. Old linen
18.00 €
Adorable blouse 1940 crepe silk straw folds religious and embroidery of flowers. T38. Old linen
30.00 €
Classic bib 1930 white cotton piqué. Old linen
10.00 €
Lovely blouse 1930 color linen veil embroidered wine lees small white beads. T40. Old linen
75.00 €
Superb late 19th corsage of white guipure and lace mechanical embroidered tulle. T36. Old linen
60.00 €
Delicious corset cover percale hand embroidered flowers and satin. GB monogram. Old linen
26.00 €
Charming 1940 blouse in fine white percale with mechanical embroidery. T44 / 46. Old linen
28.00 €
Delicious morning XIXème percale hand embroidered flowers and decorated with bobbin lace. Mono MP. T 42/44. Old linen
60.00 €
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Lovely white percale cover embroidered corset-hand with a garland of flowers. T36. Old linen
26.00 €
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Crossbred delicious scalloped folds religious and embroidery hand garlands of flowers. T42. Old linen
30.00 €
Graceful little cotton top handmade crocheted flower patterns. T36. Old linen
36.00 €
Adorable short blouse in white crepe embroidered organza. T 36/38. Old linen
38.00 €
Exceptional. 1880 beautiful blouse silk faille jet beads and black bobbin laces. T 38.
250.00 €
Exceptional. Sumptuous corsage 1880 Silk Satin and lace Mechelen. Jet beads and sequins. T38.
300.00 €
Exceptional. Short bolero jacket 1890 ribbed black silk adorned with jet beads ranks. T34 / 36. Old linen
240.00 €
Beautiful black jacket 1950 look astrakhan lined burgundy sateen. T44 / 46. Old linen
85.00 €
Lovely camisole scalloped and embroidered flowers. Monogram MS. T 40/42. Old linen
24.00 €
Delicious high 1910 thread embroidered handmade daisies and foliage. T 36. Old linen
38.00 €
Blouse 1900 beige crepe silk adorned with Valenciennes lace. T40/42. Old linen
60.00 €
Cute camisole short end mixed white embellished with crocheted lace. Mono LH. T40. Old Linen
19.00 €
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